Monday, May 19, 2008

Confirmation and Camp Jamie

The above picture was taken at the Chocolate Gala for the Wig Closet that we attended a couple weeks ago. It was taken by a profession photographer and it came out very well.

This was a very busy weekend. It started with Michael leaving for a special bereavement camp on Friday night. It’s offered through the Hospice and he was one of only about 25 or so children are selected. It is called Camp Jamie and has been in place for quite a few years. He was gone all weekend and I picked him up around 1 pm on Sunday. He was paired up with a "big buddy" who essentially was with him the whole weekend. I'll be having a followup conversation with his buddy some time this week. Michael came home with a lot of nice things, blanket, flower pot etc. and he indicated that he had a good time.

Friday night was Tyler's confirmation at St. John's. He started confirmation late last summer and Chris helped get him started. Our good friend Marianne had her baby on Monday so she could not continue to be his sponsor. Alex stood in for her and all was good. A bishop from Baltimore was there. Tyler was actually chosen to do one of the readings as well. It was nice.

Saturday was the annual community yard sale. Chris always took care of this. We had some things to get rid of and Tyler and I took care of it all as Mike was away and Alex was at work. We did sell our old furniture from the basement so that was a relief.

Sometimes I actually look forward to Mondays after such a busy weekend. Today was one of them!

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