Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Visit from a friend

This past weekend my good friend Rich from Rochester, NY came down for the long weekend to spend with me. He gave up time with his own family to spend it with me and my family.

He came down on Friday and we went to a Frederick Keys game. Saturday was a trip into Frederick and since he is somewhat of a civil war buff we visited the Monocacy Battlefield in Frederick. Good history there. That's the battle that prevenented the Confederates from attacking Washington, DC. Later Saturday our friends Danny and Brenda came out and we all went out to dinner at La Paz. This was one of Chris's favorite restaurants.

Sunday I took Rich and the kids out to historic Harper's Ferry, WV. Another very important place during the civil war. The aerial view above is from a very high cliff over looking the area. We are going up there next time!!! Here's some pictures of the day there. The weather was spectacular and we had a relaxing lunch overlooking the town.

Later that night Tyler made a bonfire in the backyard in his firepit under the trees. Rich and I just sat and chatted until late in the evening.

Monday, we took Rich to the airport and then went over to D&B's to sit around the pool and enjoy the rest of the beautiful weather.

This was probably one of the better weekends that I've personally had in awhile. Friends and relaxation were a big part of it.

Thanks Rich!

Today I'm off to a special event that I'll update tomorrow. Hint... It has to do with Chris.

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