Friday, August 10, 2007

Not feeling well

Well today is Friday and it has been a long week. Chris did pretty well at work most days and when she got home, although tired, she was feeling okay. Again, the small fever kept bugging her. Last night, though she felt bad and became sick after dinner. Yes, it was my cooking! She went to bed right after that and slept most of the night.

Today she is still feeling bad. So hopefully it will just be a matter of time. If she's not feeling okay by mid afternoon we're going to call the Dr.'s office to check in with him.

Alex is out of town. She's at the Jersey shore until this weekend. The boys, well they're tired of each other. Can't wait until school starts.

Tonight we were supposed to go to some friends house in southern MD to christen their new basement. Unfortunately, we won't be going. Everyone understands. We really hate it when we can't get together with friends and relatives because of the treatment, but we do know that everyone is thinking of us and wishing us well.

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