Friday, August 3, 2007

On the lake with a BIG boat.

Wednesday we went out and rented a pontoon boat to tool around on the lake. Well I rented a 24' boat which is fairly large but not too bad. When I got there for our 10 am shove off that boat was out of service and we instead got a free upgrade to the 28' Party Barge!!! It was huge and for just the 5 of us was more than we needed. We had a blast. That's me at the helm! That's boat talk I think for driver.

We went to visit the end of the lake where the dam was and then stopped for lunch on the barge, I mean boat. Tyler fished while we sat and enjoyed the beautiful day. After that we went tubing for a couple of hours. It is always a highlight of the week for us to get a boat. We gotten several different type over the years but the big pontoon boat is the way to go.

That evening we all went to the will o' the wisp and had a very special make your own pasta bowl dinner. You pick out the ingredients and they make it up for you right there in front of you. I had the pink sauce made with Vodka! It was excellent! It flames up to burn off the alcohol. But they add more if you ask nice!!!! :)

Afterwards we drove around to various locations near the lake just to look at the scenery.

Chris continues to get better each day. She still moves pretty slowly but much of the pain is going away. She still gets a low grade fever and really likes a nap each day (so do I)!

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