Friday, August 17, 2007

Great day at the Battlefield

Thursday was a great afternoon. Chrissy and I took Rich and Jill to Gettysburg to tour the battlefield. Alex went to their hotel and stayed with their daughter Shannon. She took her shopping and had a great time with her.

Rich and Jill were able to tour the same locations that Rich and his son Ryan visited before. Chrissy has always liked Gettysburg but has not been there in awhile. She unfortunately was not feeling great and the heat was a little high but she still managed to get out a few times and see all the stuff she loves to look at. I took some pictures while we were there. You can look at them here. After you look at those pictures take a minute to look at the pictures that I took when Ryan came down to visit with us in November of 2005. Those are here. Ryan passed away from leukemia only about 7 months after this trip.
Here is his picture on a canon that we will forever remember. As you can see from his big smile, he really enjoyed the visit.

The other picture is of Rich and Jill standing at the same monument that Ryan and Rich stood at as well. Smiles all around!

OH YEAH. Chrissy has always loved the Wax Museum in Gettysburg. Ever since she was a little girl she has always remembered going there. Well we went there yesterday too! Check it out at their website. If you ever go this is a must see!

After, we came back home we went and gathered up the kids and went out to dinner to everyone's favorite restaurant, La Paz, mexican. Great friends, great family, great food, thanks God for a great day...

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