Saturday, September 22, 2007

1 Week

What an incredibly difficult week. Alex is in school, and so are the boys. They all seem to be doing okay. There are lots of people keeping they eyes out for them so that is very reassuring.

Last night (Friday) the boys and I went over to some friends (The Fords) in our development. They heated their pool and had some other young people over for a little pool party and cookout. It was a great time for them and I had a very nice time talking with them and getting a chance to place some euchre (cards). We didn't get home until almost 1am!

Stacey is going to help me with Tyler and his upcoming confirmation classes through the church. Her daughter is going through the same thing and she offered to drive and help teach his class. This is great for me as Chris took care of all of that for Alex. I'm an outsider looking in it seems. I'll be prepared for Michael for sure.

Tonight the boys and I are going to the Washington Nationals game in DC. We've never been there and are looking forward to spending some quality time together! We may take the subway into the stadium too.

I posted some information on the bagpipe song above the pictures. Here is a link to the song.

Thank you to everyone who has called, and emailed me. I really appreciate that you are looking out for us. Never hesitate to give us a ring or stop by.

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