Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chris is now at PEACE...

Over the years I have written many emails regarding Chris’s battle with breast cancer. None of them has prepared me for the email you are about to read.

As you know she came home from the hospital yesterday around 2PM. We were excited to have the opportunity to have her home. Some people from work came by to visit with her and we were all glad to see them. At approximately 6:30 AM today (September 11) Chris’s 3 year long battle with this dreaded disease came to an abrupt halt. I wish that there was some other way that I could present this to you, but I can’t think of any. She was at peace, and not in pain. I was by her side all evening as were her brothers and sisters.

We stayed with her and made sure she was comfortable the entire night. I brought pictures of the kids into the room and put them by the bed hoping that she would somehow be able to see them. There were flowers, which she loved, there as well. I talked to her about a great deal of things, but mostly told her over and over again how much I loved her.

She has not been able to wear her wedding band since her 1st chemo treatment 3 years ago. Last night I found her ring, and was able to slide it onto her ring finger! I said my wedding vows to her again. When she took her final breath there was both extreme sorrow and some sense of relief that flew through me. It was indescribable.

She is in a much better place now and I look forward to the day of someday joining her to be by her side again.

At this point no details are set but we should have them shortly. I will send them in another email. Please pray for my family in hopes to ease the pain that doesn’t seem to subside.

Peace be with all of you,


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