Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Everyone's back to school

Monday afternoon the boys and I packed up Alex in the car and drove her back to college in Williamsport, PA. We got up there around 4pm and took her up to her dorm. We then went to a hotel and checked in for the evening. The boys went swimming and I sat and relaxed.

We then met Alex and her friend Jon (no H) at the Bullfrog Brewery in downtown. This is Michael's favorite place up there and mine too. I'm fond of the brewery part. We had a nice dinner and then I drove them back to the campus. We went back to the hotel and then watched some of the Redskins game. I fell asleep around 10pm and the boys right after that.

The next morning I was happy to see the Redskins won. I think Chrissy is giving them some extra help from above! We went to the campus bookstore around 10 am and met Alex there. We got some coffee and then took off for home. Alex will be in good hands up there but I am going to miss her dearly! She got me through this week with a great deal of help.

We got home just in time for Tyler to go to golf practice. I picked him up and when we got home I made our first dinner together. The 3 or us sat quietly and ate our dinner. It was sad but peaceful. We miss Chris a lot and it shows.

This morning (Wednesday) Michael and Tyler went back to school. They have a lot to catch up on but should be able to make it up quickly. I ran the dog to the groomer, went to the lawyer's, drycleaners, dropped off the car for service, and picked Tyler up after school. It was a quick day but productive.

Tomorrow I go for my CT scan of my abdomen. I've had some problems for about 2 months and need to get it looked at. Blood work too and my endoscopy on Monday. Wish me luck.

Good night...

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