Friday, September 21, 2007


Thursday Tyler got up early for school and got off on his own. I didn't have to get up early with him. That was a big help and allowed me to get some extra sleep.

I got up with Michael and ran some errands. I had to get the dog's haircut and the car in the shop, along with several other trips to town. Thursday I had to go to get my CT scan done. I had to drink the contrast 2 hours early and then ran over to get my bloodwork done. I came back for the scan and while I was laying there I started to cry. This is the same scanner Chris was on many times before.

Later that afternoon I came home and started catching up on my emails for work. It's been quiet so I'm not too far out of the loop. I tell the boys that they need to catch up with their work and I need to do the same.

Sleeping is starting to get a little more difficult. The pain in my back/side keeps me up sometime and, well, my mind is just going in circles.

This weekend should be quiet. Today is Friday and there is no school for "fair day". I'm taking the boys to the County Fair and letting the loose! Tonight dinner over at a friend/neighbor in our development. After that...
who knows?

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