Sunday, September 23, 2007


Saturday night we went to the Washington Nationals game in Washington, DC. We had a parking pass so we just drove down. It was the 1st Nats game we've been too so it was kind of fun. The boys were tired and so was I so we came home a little early.

Today, Sunday, we got up early and went to 9AM Mass at St. Johns. The boys gave me no problem at all about getting up and going. This is what Chris wanted for them to do and they have no problem carrying out her wish. Tyler went to his 1st confirmation class this afternoon and Michael had 2 lacrosse games today. Chris's Mom and Dad surprised Michael and I and showed up to watch his game. It was an absolute beautiful day. Michael scored a goal this afternoon as well.

The intern that Chris hired for the summer stopped by and delivered a couple of meals for us before going back to college this evening. She really liked Chris a lot and was so thankful that she hired her.

Michael has youth group tonight and I'm just watching football. Not something I get a chance to do very often but I'll take it while I can.

Tomorrow is my Upper Endoscopy. More on that later. This week is Chris's birthday as well so I'll be preparing myself for that...

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